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Gotten my skeptical b/f into HP via movie #6. And then seeing his town and some pretty water! Namely a lake donated to the city and a spring on a reserve. :)
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Just one? I'd want Kamela, my cousin, to get over her issues with Jon. He's my boy/manfriend and we're happy. I don't care that she thinks he's changing me into some weak-minded version of myself. It's not true. Really. I don't get what her issue is with him. I'm not here to let her babysit me through life. If I'm wrong about him, and I know I'm not, I'll have learned how to detect scum like him in the future. I'm not gonna take action to fix it. Her f---ing issue not mine.

It's insane that we're having this issue and have only been dating a month. Lovely.
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Yes I have, well the same nickname and last name. And she's like my 10th cousin, so that doesn't count. AND, I got her anniversary flowers too! Yay!
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Movies: Star Wars

TV: Farscape, Stargate SG1, and Stargate Atlantis

John Crichton Jack O'Neill and Rodney McKay! All the snarky side references a gal could want! Also: Ben Browder and Claudia Black of Frascape joined Stargate SG1 in its' 9 season! Prompting fans to call it Starscape or Fargate. :)
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Either the introduction I had with [ profile] flamingsword, regarding which of the two, Hermione or Harry, was the Genius or Insane per her LJ icon with a pic of the two and the caption, "One is a Genius, the other's Insane." I mentioned that the HP fanon is wide and varied and they both could be either. I friended her from there.

Or, the one where I talked to Jon's friend, John Smith, (Yes, really.) about Doctor Who love! I got to be waxing tangential with an IRL person about my Who love! Yay!
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Other than my given name, hm...Alyssa. But that's my middle name. Or Arenzia, Zia, :P. I think I'd like to be an Anastasia, or Stacey, for short. Or maybe a Delia. I dunno, I like my name.
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Actually, I have a fair few icons but this is my most infrequently-used icon. The picture is on photobucket. I took it to the ElJay icon maker and added the border and text. i love it because it's sexy but I never have a reason to be sexy. I also love it because it references the supernatural.
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Me vs. The World by Halo Friendlies from the Freaky Friday movie soundtrack. Best summed up as "It's me against the world and the world is winning."


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