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Over at [ profile] dyingfire I have a poll about closing and or no longer posting to that journal but keeping it around for community posting purposes to LJ at large. Anyway, go and vote. It's open to all. :)
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Better yet, Sorry LJ.

Much awaited [ profile] lj_biz's official update. I'm and I will be keeping my LJs for my friend's lists and the LJ's I like. Feel free to add/friend me at either place.

ETA: forgot to say that, as always, my DJ is still up and will still be used for reading request deliveries.

So long and thanks for all the fish!
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A draft of an open letter to LJ/6A. This letter will, when finished, be sent to LJ/6A as a sort of petition. Look it over, if you like and see if you can think of anything to add to it.
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I think you all remember the Great Strikethrough of '07, whereupon fandom communities and its users were suspended for a time (notably [ profile] pornish_pixies) for posting NSFW art and fiction. Well, it's happened again, this time, [ profile] ponderosa121 got hit permanently for her depiction of a NSFW picture of Harry/Snape. LJ/6A suspended her permanently without a proper explanation, just a link that led, not to the "objectionable" art, but to nowhere and that the image depicted an underage Harry (which makes no sense as Harry isn't all that underage in the picture). That's well within their TOS to do that, as it states they can change anything without notice. Leaving aside for a minute the argument that LJ can't tell me what I can and can't look at, they banned an artist of many fandoms for one piece of art and when the fandom community took it upon themselves to protest, they were mocked by LJ/6A. Even if you're backing, LJ/6A on this, it's crappy PR to not even pretend to care about what your patrons are saying. Personally, I'm moving just as soon as fandom decides where it wants to move to.

Go here to read about a well-formulated, and better summarized opinion of the issue.

ETA: The use of LJ user tag on a suspended journal shows as bold, not as a strikethrough.

[ profile] burr86 has his LJ set to accept comments from friends-only, I ponder why this is....


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