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Name:The Lady of Time
Birthdate:Apr 21
Website:Tarot Unlimited
This journal is the friends-only companion to [info]dyingfire and part of the DJ trilogy with DJ user dyingfire. I stole the name for this one off of a character I RP with a friend.

I gripe about things some would consider heresy. No one is making you be my friend, that's what [info]dyingfire is for. :P :) Topics include: the way Xians are, how ignorant people are and how conservative my part of the world is.

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a college of magics, alternate realities, alternative spirituality, angel, angels, archangels, astral plane, astral travel, astrology, bdsm, beauty and the beast, blood, brotherslash, brothersmut, buffy the vampire slayer, celtic paganism, celtic shamanism, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, collective unconscious, crossdressing, d/h, d/s, daemons, darkness, dead people, death, divination, dogma, draco/harry, draco/severus, dream control, dreams, dual consciousness, dvds, elementals, empathic connections, empathy, fae, faerie, faeries, fairies, fairy, faith, familiar spirits, familiars, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy novels, ghosts, gnosis, greek mythology, guides, guy gavriel kay, harry potter, harry/draco, hga, holy guardian angel, hp slash, hp yaoi, hp/dm, incorporeal beings, incorporeality, infinite love, internet, inuyasha, inuyasha/kagome, ireland, kagome/inuyasha, life after death, logan/remy, lord of the rings, lucid dreaming, lucid waking, lupin/snape, magick, manifestation, meditation, mediums, meridjet, metaphysics, mind expansion, mindfucks, movies, multiverse, music, mystical union, mysticism, mythology, noncorporeal beings, nonverbal communication, obe, occult, occult knowledge, occultism, open-mindedness, opening, out of body experiences, paganism, parallel realities, paranormal, paranormal phenomena, past lives, polyamory, ponderosa121, psychic, psychic connections, qabalah, reading, reiki, reincarnation, religion, remus lupin, remus/sirius, rl/sb, rl/ss, s/r, secret places, severus snape, shamanism, shota, sirius/remus, slash, smut, snape, snape/harry, soul bonds, soul connections, spike, spirit companions, spirit guides, spirits, spiritual merging, spirituality, supernatural, tarot, tatoos, telepathy, theology, totem animals, vampires, visions, werewolves, wicca, witchcraft, writing, yaoi
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